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The only real surprises on there were Villanueva and Thielen. Villanueva is an offensive tackle, but him standing for the National Anthem when the rest of the Steelers opted to remain in the locker room really touched a lot of people. Not sure why Thielen’s so high up, but good for him I guess.Speaking of Mahomes, perhaps if he has a tremendous season he can be on this list next year.Custom Jerseys. Both quarterbacks taken around him in the draft are in the top 30 (Deshaun Watson is 20th and Mitchell Trubisky is 28th). Mahomes has the ability to become one of the most electric players in the league next year, so hopefully he can be that Chief whose jersey gets bought around the country.


2020 four-star quarterback DJ Uiagalelei went into the camp as the Alpha Dog based on his ranking as the No. 3 pro-style passer in the country. Despite the bad conditions that affected quarterbacks and receivers, the nation’s No. 66 overall prospect did not disappoint.Cheap Authentic Jerseys. On the hoof, Uiagalelei looked like he should have been working out with the defensive ends. However, after he got acclimated to the conditions, the standout thrower showed off the big arm and quick release that you see on game tape.Wholesale Jerseys. He threw tight spirals and the ball jumps out of his hand with as good of velocity as you’ll find. He threw the deep outs and crossing patters with zip, and when he needed to put air under the ball he did so with pretty good consistency.


At the end of the day, does anyone really care about this?Cheap NFL Jerseys China. I mean, I do, but it’s not like it’s keeping me from sleeping at night. I am surprised, however, that a team like the Kansas City Chiefs who have been a playoff team in four of the last five years doesn’t have one single player in the top 30 for NFL jersey sales. It’s just a bit surprising is all, given their recent success.